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Steve Jobs acts as Franklin D. Roosevelt – Bizarre internal Apple promo (1984)

January 20, 20130 Comments

In this bizarre promo to inspire their sales force, Apple stressed that the Mac’s ease of use could liberate the pathetic prisoners of the IBM PC. With improvements to the hardware and the boom in desktop publishing, Mac production went into overdrive. By 1987, Apple was selling a million a year. IBM numbers! The Mac minted money – half its 2000 dollar price was pure profit!

Apple arrogantly assumed their stuff was so good, consumers would always pay a premium for it. Big mistake. The Mac really ought to have won the battle for the desktop – OK it was more expensive than an IBM PC but if you what you wanted was a friendly easy to use system and surely everyone wanted that, then this was the only game in town – at least that’s what the boys at Apple thought but they weren’t reckoning on one man, Bill Gates. Gates saw that the Mac’s GUI represented a long term threat to Microsoft’s money machine, to DOS, the clunky operating system that sat inside every IBM PC. So Bill had his boys create a GUI that sat in top of DOS rather like building a fancy facade on an old building. They called it Windows and it wasn’t much at first but it was good enough to defend the DOS franchise.

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